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Walmart to Expand Use of Solar Power in California, Arizona, Hawaii

Posted by Adam Sewall In Monday, September 20 2010 under: Manufactur, Hawaii Solar, Arizona Solar, Commercial Solar, WalMart, California Solar

What do you get when you take two innovative American solar-panel manufacturers and combine them with the world's biggest retailer? A slew of new solar energy projects, 500 new jobs and a whole lotta clean, predictably priced power. Thank you, may we have some more?

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Wal-Mart Adds Another California Solar Installation, Largest to Date

Posted by Adam Sewall In Tuesday, January 19 2010 under: Commercial Solar, Solar PV Panels, WalMart, California Solar

Judging from news coming out of California, the world's largest retailer is continuing to notch up solar energy successes. Two weeks ago, we reported on Wal-Mart's completion of three new Caliofrnia solar installations in Paramount, Baldwin Park and Highland. Today, via the Los Angeles Times, comes news of a fourth project, brought online this week at the company's distribution center in Apple Valley.

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Solar Starting to Shine in Puerto Rico

Two months ago, Walmart Puerto Rico announced a partnership with SunEdison to deploy rooftop solar systems at five Walmart PR stores, with plans pending for a total of 23 installations over the next five years. The initiative -- which will be the largest renewable energy project ever developed on the island -- is a prominent, recent example of Puerto Rico's growing interest in solar energy.

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Big Box Stores and their Big Solar Dreams

Posted by Margaret Collins In Wednesday, August 20 2008 under: box store, Sam's Club, Solar Homes, solar retail, WalMart

Right off the bat, I need to excuse myself for not discussing sustainability in this post. No matter how many green products and solar installations a Wal-Mart may feature, it's hardly the missing piece of the sustainability puzzle. But if you're going to be an energy-hogging, supply-chain-domineering monster, you might as well power yourself with solar, is what I always say. Or at least, just said.

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