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Non-Nuclear Clean Power to Double by 2020, Report Says

A report out Monday sees non-nuclear clean energy sources growing two-fold over the next ten years, via USA Today.

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Solar and Wind Could Meet 25 Percent of Oahu's Electricity Needs

Posted by Adam Sewall In Wednesday, March 23 2011 under: Hawaii Solar, Solar Power Info, wind, HECO

A new report from the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) suggests that the island of O'ahu could meet a quarter of its electricity needs using solar power and wind resources.

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Solar Power Advantages: A Review

Posted by Adam Sewall In Tuesday, November 30 2010 under: Solar Panels, Solar Homes, wind, Solar PV Panels, Solar Home Tips, Maintenance

In our numerous years of helping homeowners determine whether a solar electric system is right for them, we've found that a number of questions tend to arise. Like, how much do solar panels cost? What solar rebates, tax credits and other incentives are available in my area? Is my roof good for solar? What should I do before I get solar? And what the heck is a solar renewable energy credit, anyway?

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U.S. Used Less Energy, More Renewables in 2009

Posted by Annie Lindseth In Thursday, August 26 2010 under: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, wind, Coal, Energy Policy, Wind Energy

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on Monday released a report explaining that energy use in the United States declined last year, and the role of renewable energy in our production mix is increasing. We've highlighted some major points from the technical report. To start, take a look at this helpful (but complex!) diagram on how we produce and use energy:

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Solar-powered inauguration events

Posted by Adam Sewall In Thursday, January 15 2009 under: inauguration, Solar Power Info, Technology, wind, solar

In reviewing the itinerary for this weekend -- an inaugural prelude that will feature Bono, Bruce and Beyonce, among others -- I stumbled upon this, from the New York times Technology section:

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The Future of Wind Energy in 1975

Posted by Brendan Picha In Tuesday, April 22 2008 under: Earth Day, Solar Power Info, wind, National Geographic

This post is in honor of Earth Day, which was first observed in 1970.

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