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BIG NEWS: US Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)  has been extended for 2016 to 2022! Tax Credits worth 30 percent of commercial solar project costs are available to businesses and developers that break ground before 2020. If your company has ever considered solar power, don't miss this  opportunity.

Federal Incentives for Commercial Solar

Businesses benefit from accelerated depreciation and a solar grant worth 30 percent of project costs.

Why Solar Makes Good Business Sense

Costco and Wal-Mart have gone solar, along with dozens of other major firms. Find out why. 

Incentives, Inflation and Savings

Solar energy can help support the long-term profitability of your firm. 

Accelerated Depreciation

Federal accounting rules on accelerated depreciation make commercial solar a more attractive investment.

Solar and Small Business

We've all heard about Wal-Mart's solar panels. Does solar make sense for small- and medium-sized businesses, too? 

Calculating IRR

An overview of which variables to consider when making IRR estimates. 

Big Business and Solar

A growing number of companies are recognizing that the market for clean energy has a bright future.
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