Solar energy can save you money and is good for the environment

Consider the following:


  • Solar energy is clean, safe and benign.

  • The energy from the sun is free -- a huge and unlimited source of energy.

  • Once the energy that goes into the panels’ manufacture and installation is accounted for, a solar system is a "clean power plant." A PV system will generally "make back" the amount of energy used in its manufacture in 18 to 36 months. Thereafter, all energy produced will be net-positive over the system’s typical 25- to 30-year lifespan.

  • Energy generated from solar systems can replace and offset energy generated from fossil fuels. Roughly 40% the electricity generated in the United States comes from burning coal, a heavy contributor to CO2 emissions and airborne pollutants. Using solar power reduces consumption of coal and, thus, also reduces greenhouse gases and airborne pollution.

  • Energy Security: Energy generated from clean-energy sources, such as solar, can help reduce a country's dependence on imported energy.

  • Energy Security also includes Energy Independence. Depending on the type of solar system used and specific installation, a clean-energy system can offer a degree of autonomy from the existing status quo of energy suppliers.

  • Energy Security can also mean (depending on system type) a Backup Energy supply in the event of a traditional grid power outage. Such a scenario was seen in California in 2001-2002, and in the Northeast in 2005.

Top Reasons to Get Solar